Best Paid Survey Sites for African Americans

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The number of African Americans on-line is growing exponentially each year and the Internet, therefore, is an appropriate vehicle for sharing our opinions. provides a collective perspective of those opinions.

Moreover, there are many socio-political, cultural and economic issues confronting American today that has, or will have, a direct impact on the lives of black Americans. As these issues can form our perspectives and shape our determination, we invite you to share your opinion by voting on relevant questions. Hopefully, it will spark interest and discussion in our communities.

Accordingly, we invite you to have your voice heard by voting on the issues of your choosing. For access to all the features of the site, you must register by choosing a nick name (user name) and a password. However, you can vote by just clicking on “surveys/polls” and selecting a question(s).

Should you desire to go beyond the vote, feel free to use our forum to expand on your perspective.

Remember: Apathy only hurts us; get involved!

Best Paid Survey Sites for African Americans

There are a number of survey panels that are looking for African American and Hispanic people. If you belong to African American or Hispanic community then you can join some targeted market research companies and share your thoughts and ideas about the products and services you use. Although there are numerous survey companies but some of them or specific to African American and Hispanic community only.

We have researched a lot of survey panels and then come up with best paid survey sites for African American and Hispanic community as listed below:

  • Cadacabeza Hispanic Panel
  • Global Test Market (Hispanic Panel)
  • Opinion Outpost (Hispanic)

Cadacabeza Hispanic Panel is looking for new Hispanic members. If you belong to this community then you can join this survey panel and get paid to take surveys online. It is free to join.

Global Test Market is another great panel for Hispanic people and offers a chance to share your opinions and get paid for it. Global test market is also free to join. This is a very legitimate survey panel and is one of the best paying survey panel.

Opinion Outpost is also looking for Hispanic members. The members from Hispanic community can join this survey panel and get paid for their views and opinions. This is a great market research panel and pays its members to voice their opinions. This is free and anyone from Hispanic community can join it. Join opinion outpost Hispanic panel and take online surveys for money.

Pinecone Resaerch is another great survey panel. Pinecone periodically recruits new Hispanic members but it is currently not looking for new members. We will share a link her once they are open again.

Join the above survey sites for African American and earn some extra cash by sharing your opinions and get heard. We will also list more opportunities for African American people once we evaluate them.